My name is Iftekhar Mahmud Towhid. I'm a Muslim from Bangladesh.
My birthday is 13 October 1988. So I'm 30 now.
My home is in Noakhali, Bangladesh. I'm also living there currently.

Work and Education

I've done my graduation in BSc. Engineering in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering from Department of Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering of Noakhali Science and Technology University. Currently I'm seeking my MSc. Engineering degree from Institute of ICT of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

I'm Assistant Professor of the department of Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering of Noakhali Science and Technology University (Yah, the same department I graduated from)

I'm programming since my age of thirteen. Since then I've spent half of my life before computer screens.
I don't care about Programming language, I'm flexible to any of them (I'm a quick learner, just gimme some time). However I prefer C#. And I do little web development.
I'm a self taught designer. That goes from Graphics design to Architectural design.


I teach and have research interest in following subjects:
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Database Management Systems
  • Wireless Communication


  • First of all, programming of any form.
  • Graphics design.
  • Architectural design (I'm a hobbyist architect)
  • Electronics


TLABS is my one man company. I use this name in all of my programs/codes. The 'T' of TLABS comes from my name 'Towhid'.

About me

This is copy & paste from my Facebook 'about me':
Very often I think of me, but most time I am not the guy as I like to be. I am an 11th hour man. All my works are half done. I want to create but sometimes I just ruin. Little bit frustrated, all time casual and undoubtedly unsocial...
(Yah, very contrary to what I stated just above)


Warning: I'm not a social guy.
However, if you insist, here's my contact:

Mobile: +8801812597258 (almost always open, if not shut down for low battery, which happens often)
Yahoo mails: (I use it most) and
Google/G+ account:
Twitter: (I'm a lonely twitter)


NSTU Result Creator (NRC)

NSTU Result Creator & Student Information Management System is a C# and WPF based full-featured result processing software designed and developed for Public universities of Bangladesh. It is designed to be versatile and flexible, so that it can cope up with any type of changes in rules of result processing, thanks to the very complex database design powered by MS SQL Server. The whole underlying complexity of the software is abstracted from the user by the modern looking, customizable and friendly UI. Designed to be both standalone and Client-Server based, this makes result processing as easy as it can get. It has state of the art security and backup system, thus no worry of data loss any more.
Student Information Management System is a built in part of this software, which is any department head's dream. Anyone can hardly guess if any feature is missing from this carefully designed software, as so much of brainstorming effort was employed on it. However, in case there is any extra feature need, it is easily extensible using the built-in plug-in system called 'NRCTools'.


  • Can be used as both standalone and Client-Server based.
  • Four user groups: Administrators, Privileged Users, Teachers and Students.
  • Privilege/Permission management for users.
  • Completely flexible, can be used for any Public/Private universities, no matter what the rules are.
  • Easy database backup and restore with optional password protection.
  • Backup database backup on cloud, and easy restoration from cloud.
  • Quick marks input, mark input by voice command, marks import from Excel.
  • Modern looking, customizable and user-friendly UI (WPF) with accessibility options.
  • Streamlined UI navigation, data input and error reporting.
  • Full featured Student Information Management System built in.
  • Easily extensible by built-in plug-in system.

This software consists of about half million lines of codes, and is solely designed and developed by me for over a year. It is my biggest work till date, I did an almost similar sized project in WinForms and C# for a Non-Government Organization.

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Neural Network Library

This is a C# library for easily implementing any kind of artificial neural networks. The project is hosted on Github. A sample user interface of implementation of Back-propagation Network in C# WinForms is also provided there.


  • Can be used to implement any kind of neural network.
  • Method provided for training and testing.
  • Sample user interface of implementation of Back-propagation Network.

This project is not actively maintained.

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Hahanna (Voice assistant library)

Done for a Sri Lankan friend. This is voice assistant library to easily implement a voice assistant program.

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A project of mine to make set of programs that visually demonstrate complex algorithms.

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I have done numerous other small to mid size projects those may be not worth mentioning, but I have learned a lot while doing them.

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Current projects

I'm currently working on some projects:
  • Complete NSTU site ( renovation using Laravel
  • nTrans (Bengali to English and English to Bengali Translator)

*Credits: jQuery, Google font API, Formstone's Zoomer.

Iftekhar Mahmud Towhid
This & That

& Assistant Professor of
Department of CSTE